Billable items in WHMCS are a powerful feature that allows for flexible billing, particularly useful for charges that vary each billing cycle or one-time fees. Here's how you can make the most of this feature:

1. Understanding Billable Items:

  • Billable items are charges you can apply to a client's account independently of their regular product or service invoices. They're perfect for one-time services, custom charges, or any other billing items outside of regular subscriptions.

2. Creating Billable Items:

  • Navigate to a client's profile, select the 'Billable Items' tab, and click 'Add Billable Item'. Here, you can specify details like the description, amount, and whether it's a one-time or recurring charge.

3. Invoicing Billable Items:

  • Immediate Invoicing: If you want to create an invoice for a billable item immediately, you can do so by selecting 'Generate Invoice' after creating the billable item.
  • Delayed Invoicing: For charges you want to invoice in the future, set the 'Invoice Next Due Date' to your preferred date. WHMCS will automatically generate an invoice on this date.

4. Recurring Billable Items:

  • For services or charges that recur on a schedule different from regular products or services, you can set billable items to recur at custom intervals, ensuring you're billing accurately for the exact services provided.

5. Applying Credits:

  • If you need to apply a credit to a client's account, you can do this through billable items. Simply create a billable item with a negative amount, and it will act as a credit when invoiced.


Billable items offer a level of flexibility in billing that can be crucial for digital marketing agencies, especially those offering a range of services and custom work. By understanding and utilizing billable items in WHMCS, you can ensure accurate, timely, and professional billing for all the unique services you provide.

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