Welcome to AgencyPortal, where managing your digital agency's needs becomes a breeze!

Before we dive in, it's important to clarify the two key components you'll be interacting with:

  1. Your WHMCS Client Portal: This is your own agency's client portal, powered by WHMCS, where you handle your agency operations, client management, invoicing, and more. It's your business's command center.
  2. AgencyPortal Client Portal: This is where you'll manage your relationship with us, your subscriptions, licenses, and access support. Think of it as your gateway to maximizing the benefits you receive from AgencyPortal.

Understanding these two distinct areas is crucial for a smooth and efficient experience. Now, let's explore the AgencyPortal Client Portal in detail:

1. Dashboard Overview:

When you first log in, the AgencyPortal Dashboard welcomes you. It's a quick overview of your account, showing active subscriptions, recent support interactions, and important notifications. Here’s what to expect:

  • Snapshot: A concise view of your current subscriptions, upcoming invoices, and any crucial alerts needing your attention.
  • Quick Actions: Handy shortcuts for common tasks, whether that's adjusting your subscription or viewing past invoices.

2. Managing Your Subscriptions:

Your 'Services' tab is command-central for everything related to your AgencyPortal services:

  • Subscription Details: See the specifics of your current plan, including what's included, your billing cycle, and any additional services you're subscribed to.
  • Adjusting Your Plan: Easy options for upgrading or downgrading your subscription to fit your agency's evolving needs.
  • Billing Information: Access your upcoming payment schedules, past invoices, and payment methods.

3. Licenses and Products:

Navigate to 'My Services' for an at-a-glance view of your AgencyPortal licenses and services:

  • Your Portfolio: Review the licenses and products you currently have active, along with status reports.
  • Expanding Your Tools: Discover and acquire additional services or licenses to empower your digital agency further.

4. Unparalleled Support:

Our 'Support' tab is more than just a help desk; it's your direct line to expert advice and assistance:

  • Ticket Submission: Easily start a new conversation regarding any queries or issues you might encounter. Our team is always at the ready!
  • History: Review your past tickets, responses, and how they were resolved.
  • Knowledge Base: Our rich resource of articles not only helps you solve common issues but also provides guidance on making the most of AgencyPortal for your agency.

5. News and Updates:

Stay informed through our 'Recent News' module in your dashboard:

  • Latest News: From service enhancements to essential updates, you'll find all current news here.
  • System Updates: Important notices about system maintenance or upgrades for uninterrupted service.

6. Your Profile and Preferences:

The 'Profile' tab is all about you:

  • Personal Details: Ensure your contact information is accurate and up to date.
  • Security: Manage your password and other security settings to keep your account safe.

Remember, while the AgencyPortal interface may share similarities with your own WHMCS client portal, they serve different functions. AgencyPortal is designed to streamline and support your agency's operations, providing a foundation for success. Whether you're here for subscription management, technical support, or strategic insights, we're excited to be part of your journey!

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