Navigating the digital landscape of AgencyPortal can be a bit confusing, especially when it comes to understanding where to log in for specific tasks. This article aims to clear up any confusion between logging into your AgencyPortal subscription and accessing the WHMCS admin for your agency.

1. AgencyPortal Subscription and Billing

If you're looking to manage your AgencyPortal subscription, including billing, support, knowledge base, and license key information, you should head over to:

This is your central hub for all things related to your AgencyPortal account. Think of it as the dashboard for your subscription.

2. WHMCS Agency Admin

On the other hand, if you're trying to access the admin side of your agency's client portal, you'll need to visit the URL where your client portal is set up. This is typically on a subdomain, like:

To access the admin side, you'd typically append /admin to the end of the URL, making it:

However, a crucial thing to note is that while /admin is the standard (similar to how /wp-admin is universal for WordPress sites), we often change this URL to enhance the security of your account.

Finding Your Admin URL

If you're unsure about your specific admin URL, it's likely a combination of or a variation thereof. If you're still having trouble, there are a couple of things you can do:

  • Contact Support: Our support team is always ready to assist you in finding the right URL.

  • Check Under Licenses Tab: Your admin URL should also be listed under the licenses tab in your AgencyPortal account.

A Common Mistake to Avoid

When you type in the standard URL of your client portal, like, you'll be presented with a sign-in screen. This screen is primarily for clients to log in. If you're trying to access the admin side, remember to append /admin or its variant.

A frequent error users make is attempting to log into the admin side from the client login screen. If the password isn't accepted multiple times, you might find your IP banned. If this happens, refer to our article on how to deal with a banned IP.

In Conclusion

Understanding where and how to log in is crucial for smooth operations. Always remember:

By keeping these distinctions clear, you'll ensure a seamless experience as you navigate your AgencyPortal and WHMCS environments.

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